New Chemical Brothers (featuring Q-Tip) Track and Video ‘Go’

The Chemical Brothers recently announced that they will be releasing their first new album, Born in The Echoes, in 5 years. If you want to read more about that, you can do so here.

Go, featuring Q-Tip, is a tremendously funky electronic beat. I am listening to it on repeat currently and I cannot stop bopping my head and tapping my foot.

The video clip, directed by Michel Gondry, portrays a kind of fast-paced, industrial style dance, which fits beautifully with the beat and lyrics of the song. This is definitely one for both the dance party and the running playlist (I would imagine, have never actually gone for a run before). I am also a big fan of any video that portrays women in a way that is not at all sexual, just fun and a little bit weird. Classic Chemical Brothers, basically.

This song and video will be sure to pump you up for the rest of the album, if you’re a true Chemical Brothers fan, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. If you’re sick of listening to me describe it, why not watch it yourself, below.

Born in the Echoes, featuring Go, is out July 17th. View the full track list below:

1.Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
2. Go (featuring Q-Tip)
3. Under Neon Lights (featuring Vincent)
4. EML Ritual (featuring All Love)
5. I’ll See You There
6. Just Bang
7. Reflexion
8. Taste of Honey
9. Born In The Echoes (featuring Cate Le Bon)
10. Radiate
11. Wide Open (featuring Beck)