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Listen to Nicolas Jaar’s first solo release in four years

American-Chilean musician and former Darkside member Nicolas Jaar is back with his first solo release in four years. Called Nymphs II, the 12-inch, 15-minute record is comprised of two tracks, rather longwindedly titled The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone and No One is Looking at U. So mean!

Recorded between 2011 and 2015, Nymphs II will be available through Jaar’s own subscription-based imprint Other People.

First track Three Sides of Audrey sounds classically Jaar-esque – an exotic, otherworldly blend of ghostly-cosmic ambience, back by a hypnotic, fragmented backbeat. In the beginning, it sounds like a warped and distorted, strung-out sound; an auditory version of a acid trip or one of the slow-motion, fucked montages you see sometimes in cartoons like Spongebob. Slowly, but surely, it fades off into an existential haze, ending ever so softly before segueing into No one is looking at U.

This song starts with Jaar’s voice echoing into the lofty and echoey confines of space. More monotonous in composition, No one is looking at U continues in this vein, slowly building up to be something more, until nearer the the end, where a female voice oscillates spasmodically, almost tauntingly, into your eardrums. Ending like it started, No one is looking at U petters out quietly, fading off into great blank space of nothingness.

Check our Jaar’s awesome, magical eargasms below: