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Listen to JOY.’s remix of MT WARNING’s song Petrified Heart

The very talented Brisbane-native JOY., a.k.a Olivia MacCarthy, has just released her remix of MT WARNING’s track Petrified Heart.

Featuring a beautiful and intricate opening of disembodied, ghostly voices, the song gives a fresh take on the Northern NSW’s band song. It then phases into the deep, unmistakable baritone, before JOY. uses her productive prowess to warp it into a stimulating cacophony of apocalyptic synths and unnaturally deepened voices.

Usually the singing on most of her tracks in a beautiful, airy voice that will leave you breathless, JOY.’s take of Petrified Heart is her second foray into remixing, after dropping a heavy, trap styled remix of Tkay Maidza‘s M.O.B.

Check it out below:

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