Listen to Espa’s new track “Pray For Me”

London artist Espa has put out her first single from her upcoming EP LG60. Following from 2014’s acclaimed offering 150th & Broadway, Pray For Me is a track that infuses soulful, jazz-tinged R&B vocals into the shuffling, skipping beats of UK garage influences. Speaking to The FADER, Espa spoke about the track as an expression of desperation felt in a moment when “when you long to see the light, you long for an intangible force to save you from a situation that’s going nowhere.”

The first line of the song, “So I’m here once again on the edge,” captures just about everything that’s great about the track. The lyrics aside, Espa’s deep, captivating tones take hold quickly, before gaining momentum into a holler of a refrain. Adding to her comments, the multi-instrumentalist spoke about harnessing that vulnerable moment in order to “capture our true strength.” It seems she’s done exactly that with Pray For Me and has given us one hell of a track.