Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale drop new single & tour dates

Sydney larrikins Lime Cordiale – now a bona fide five-piece band – recently dropped their latest single, Feel Alright. After a successful national tour in February, brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach have reunited with producer Jean-Paul Fung for this, their second single of 2015.

Feel Alright exudes the kind of raw energy we’ve come to expect from Lime Cordiale. But unlike much of their previous work, which was often characterised by extravagant trombone solos, the brass takes a back seat. It’s still in there, of course – it wouldn’t be Lime Cordiale without it – but its influence is more subtle. Feel Alright is the most structured and direct tune (the most concentrated Cordiale, if you will) I’ve heard from the boys, and I can’t wait to hear more from them as the year goes on.

You can catch Lime Cordiale in Sydney and Melbourne in July on their ‘Feel Alright’ tour. Tickets are available here.