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WATCH: Killer Mike & Snoop Dogg chat Meow The Jewels, rap history & more

You know you’re in for a good video when it starts with two of the best rappers alive smoking blunts and meowing at each other.

That’s right; Killer Mike was the latest guest to visit Snoop Dogg‘s GGN, and the results are, of course, as great as you think they might be. The Run The Jewels rapper, who most recently dropped the bleakly animated video clip for Early, sparked up with tha Doggfather before chatting about a whole range of things, from Meow The Jewels & Run The Jewels 3 (confirmed – but we won’t be hearing it until 2016) to selling weed, to hi phop history and more.

Mike shares how he got his big break, after working with OutKast and receiving a record deal. He goes on to explain how he and El-P met before forming Run The Jewels, having been introduced by an Adult Swim exec. Hypnotised by El’s beats, they worked together on Mike’s last solo album R.AP Music, before forming RTJ.

Mike talks about Atlanta and its racial and rap history, segueing into discussion of his politically charged videos for Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck), and the aforementioned Early. Snoop Dogg takes the lead, with insightful thoughts and discussion of the relationship between the East and West, sharing anecdotes of his time with Dr Dre, The Convicts and Biggie.

Insightful, hilarious and raelly very interesting, I’d love to see more of these two hanging out. While their rap styles and musical histories couldn’t be more different, it seems like they’ve got some pretty wonderful natural chemistry.

Ending the discussion, Snoop Dogg asks the hard-hitting life questions – Chevy or Cadillac? Weekends or Weekdays? Rakim or Ice Cube? When he asks Mike what superpower he’d have if he could be one, the answer ends up looking a little like this…
Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.52.18 amWatch the whole thing right here. I highly recommend checkin gout more of Snoop Dogg’s GGN clips, as they’re all pretty damn amazing: