Jarryd James releases a new single and gives hints about his album

Everyone went apeshit crazy for Jarryd James’ debut single Do You Remember? So crazy that he sold-out, not one, but two national tours. In addition to the five million streams on Soundcloud and six weeks on top of the Australian Shazam chart, the track got him to number one on the AIRA charts and and reached Double Platinum sales.

In light of that, think its safe to say this new song was highly-anticipated. The same can be said for his debut album. Yesterday afternoon on Triple J, Jarryd mentioned that he is currently “putting the finishing touches on that bad boy” ahead of its possible August release. He also mentioned some of the incredible people he is working with, including Malay and Joel Little.

During his first round of shows before his second tour and Splendour performance, he teased a few of the songs we may expect on the LP. “I’ve got a pretty good bunch of songs that make up the album and I’m always trying to outdo myself, so I’m going to try and write something even better. It might replace stuff that’s already on the list – you never know.”

Now, on to Something to Give. This track is slight more up-beat than his first track, but doesn’t lose his emotion-filled touch portrayed by his raspy vocals. If the first one was about the aftermath of a break-up, this one is about lusting over someone new. This is clear in the vulnerable falsetto chorus, in which he begs to be given “something new”. The groovy medley lets off some good vibes, making you want to dance down the street.

Overall, it’s a great follow-up to such a successful debut. Bring on the album!