Jamie xx releases new track feat. Young Thug & Popcaan (UPDATED)

It’s less than a month until Jamie xx releases his first album, In Colour, and another track from it has just showed up online. We’ve already been blessed with Gosh (with an absolutely beautiful film clip to go alongside it), and Loud Places, featuring Romy xx. Two absolutely gorgeous sounding tracks that for this writer have made In Colour already feel like it’ll be his album of the year.

Today though, another reason popped up online – another track from the album featuring Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Just last month Thug released Barter 6, his latest mixtape, after some huge beef between himself and Lil Wayne, but this track is very much against the feel of that grain.

Update: the album version of the song, now called There’s Gonna Be (Good Times), has been released:

Warm soul samples, paired with steely sounding drums and some perfectly timed hand claps make for such a fun and feel good sounding track. Young Thugs lyrics bounce along the claps and the samples, with his voice changing hugely over the course of the song. It keeps it really interesting, and though some lyrics like his starter “I’ma ride in the pussy like a stroller,” don’t sound as if they’d be on a Jamie xx track, it works really well.

Talking to XXL, Jamie said:

‘I was living in New York for a couple months and I was doing a drive to Manhattan while I was listening to Hot 97. It was the perfect setting and it made me want to make the track like that. I just think [Young Thug] is the best at the moment, him and Popcaan. I sent the song to other people who did versions, but [Thug and Popcaan’s] version fit best on the record… Young Thug has such a weird style I love, especially the things he does with his voice. It just sounds different. I like that Popcaan is so young and he comes from a different place, but they complement each other very well… Young Thug did a whole version of the song and Popcaan did a whole version of the song. I ended up splicing it together for the final version. Young Thug was really quick. I was surprised with how quick he got back to me. They got to hear the final version and they were happy. They said they want to do more stuff together.’

Jamaican up and comer Popcaan doesn’t turn up on this version which has popped up online, so one can only imagine how much better the track will sound when we get it straight from the album.

In Colour is out June 6th via Young Turks