Howl & Echoes top picks for Groovin’ The Moo

Groovin’ The Moo is rolling around the country as we speak, bringing some of the most exciting national and international acts to regional centres that probably wouldn’t be able to experience as much live music as they’d like. It can be tough, not living in a capital city when it comes to live music, so the entrenched gratitude to the organisers of such events is something should be admired. But, as with each festival regardless of location, it can be excruciating working out just who to see on the day. We at Howl & Echoes fancy ourselves as “festival experts” of sorts, and we like to take it upon ourselves to help others have a killer time. We’ve got working out timetables down to a fine art, and we like to maximise not quantity of bands seen on the day, but the quality. We’ve narrowed the lineup down to just TEN acts, who we think you absolutely must see on the day! Groove on!

Cameron Nicholls Top 5 picks:

Ball Park Music

I first saw Ball Park Music at Splendour in the Grass last year and to date, it is probably the most fun band I have ever seen live. Their songs are simply the epitome of a good time, bringing exceptional musicality to hilarious lyrics and sing along anthems that forces the crowd into an energy infused mosh. The band has now dropped three quality albums, all of which are drawn from in their live set. There is something unique about standing in a mosh of hundreds shouting ‘I haven’t had a friend in years, I only have sex with myself’ that I doubt many other bands can match. Those at Splendour were also lucky enough to experience a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, so we’re praying that it will also be on the cards.

Montaigne (Canberra)

The indie-pop singer was only added recently to GTM after winning the Triple J Unearthed competition, adding yet more hype to her name. For many of those attending Groovin’, this will be the first time seeing her live, although she recently sold out concerts around Australia on a recent mini-tour. This largely comes off the back of two absolutely dynamite songs. Her first single, I’m a Fantastic Wreck is a sad, quirky song that mirrors work from artists such as Marina and the Diamonds. However, her best song yet is without doubt I Am Not Your End, which will instantly implant in your mind for the rest of the day. Although very much an upcoming artist, it is a brilliant chance to see her before she is selling out bigger venues and headlining festivals. After all, that is what GTM is all about.

Meg Mac

Meg Mac has been something of a revelation the past year, planting three songs in the Hottest 100 and progressing from a Triple J Unearthed artist to festival mainstay. Armed with a killer voice plastered with personality, each of her songs build in palpable intensity to smashing choruses. One of the best examples of the talent that have come out of Triple J in the past few years, she will be debuting new music in preparation for her first album. You’ll likely hear her synth-laden cover of BroodsBridges, which rivals the original in typical Meg Mac style. Essential listening is her entire EP, but specifically Every Lie and Grandma’s Hands. With simple no one even slightly similar or comparable, she is a must-see in the middle of the day.


Hailing from New Zealand, the duo have exploded into the scene in early 2014 with Bridges and followed with a full album mid-year. Flaunting their brand of electronic synth pop, it will be interesting to see how their unique style translates into a live show. Their songs are in equal parts infectious hooks and brooding (how appropriate) vocal layering. It seems appropriate that they will grace the stage as the sun is setting; such is their mysterious, dark appeal. It will be interesting to see where the majority of the festivalgoers head – whether to old favourites Wolfmother or fresh faced Broods. Regardless, the Broods will put on a captivating show – miss it at your peril.

Flight Facilities

It seems mildly ridiculous that it has taken Flight Facilities a solid four years to put together an album after the delectable Crave You was released in 2010. However, the quality of Down to Earth makes up for it, with an album packed with electronic masterpieces. Personally, I cannot wait for a tent full of people simultaneously whistling along to Stand Still and how the epic, seven minute Claire de Lune is pulled off. Not to mention they have a plethora of remixes up their sleeves should they choose to use them. There is literally no excuse not to attend their set, as it falls as the final act of the festival, and for good reason. However, be sure to get there early before thousands of people stampede their way from the bottom stages.

Emma Jones‘ Top 5 picks:


One of the most influential acts in the Australian music scene, Hermitude can bring it in a way that not many others can. Their blend of too many genres to mention and their progressive, forward-thinking production makes for an aural journey that is exhilarating and exciting, so you can only imagine what it’s like in a live setting. Having caught these guys before, I can vouch for what they’re capable of, and will be front row centre for their set!

RL Grime

The king of trap music will be bringing his thunderous drops and skeleton-shaking bass to regional Australia, and I can only hope everyone is physically and emotionally prepared for such a show. He’s one of the most sought after producers in the entire world right now, dropping his album to critical acclaim last year. It hasn’t been too long in between drinks for the America, as he was in the country just last December for Stereosonic. He was the reason I attended good ol’ Stezza, and he certainly did not disappoint! Get those trap arms ready!

A$AP Ferg

Joining the trap royalty on the GTM tour is A$AP Ferg – the trap lord of Harlem. The A$AP Mob are renowned for their game changing efforts in everything from music to fashion, with A$AP Rocky firmly at the helm, but it’s Ferg that can really get things hyped. Not only are his beats crazy good, full of fresh trap injected into classic New York hip hop vibes, Ferg is known for his freestyling skills, and has been said to drop some serious fire on stage. This is the third time he’s been in Aus, and if you do what you’re told and see him, you’ll know why he loves coming back. Prepare yourself for a lot of chanting, a lot of throwing yourself around and a lot of dropping it like it’s hot, because the party Ferg is bringing is unlike any other!

The Delta Riggs

One of our most exciting exports, The Delta Riggs are definitely not ones to miss. Bringing an energy that could rival and stadium filling act, their psychedelic blend of brit rock, pop and even some hip-hop is one that has got a lot of people talking! Dropping two albums in two years (Hex.Lover.Killer and Dipz Zebazios), they quickly caught local, national and international attention, and have since supported KasabianFoo Fighters and Rise Against. They’re also fresh from their SXSW jaunt, so they’ll undoubtedly be keen to show off any new tricks they learnt whilst overseas!

The Preatures

If The Delta Riggs are one of Australia’s most exciting exports right now, then The Preatures are hands down THE most exciting export. Quickly becoming national darlings of sorts, the Sydney band have had a rapid rise to fame since the release of their huge single, Is This How You Feel? and it wasn’t too long before lots of people started taking notice – and rightly so! Still riding the wave from their album Blue Planet Eyes, they’ve played some huge gigs, including a standout Splendour In The Grass set last year. Also, Isabella Manfredi is one of my heroes, and makes being a total bad bitch look easy with how easily she kills it when they perform.