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Listen to the new track from GENER8ION (Surkin) ft. M.I.A

these days, music isn’t just music on it’s own any more. In showcasing music on social media, artists are also showcasing themselves, their look and what they’re all about. Wedidit is the perfect example of this: a combination of style, imagery and music that all fits into the one aesthetic. Another is GENER8ION, a new multidisciplinary project orchestrated by French producer Surkincourtesy of Brodinski‘s Bromance Records.

He’s previously released an album, and has produced and remixed tracks for Charli XCX, M.I.A, Usher, and most recently did a remix of Röyksopp’s I Had This Thing. With the release of his new self-titled EP on June 15th, Surkin (as GENER8ION) is working alongside art director David Rudnik (think Nike and some stuff for Evian Christ) to create a visual style that also accompanies the music.

He’s released the first track to the EP, The New International Sound (Part II) (listen to the previously-released Part I here.) The track sort of serves as an anthem for the whole project, and features UK singer M.I.A. It’s a trap-filled banger which flows so well alongside M.I.A’s piercing auto-tuned vocals. Alongside the website, the song creates the perfect aesthetic of GENER8ION. Futuristic and dystopian, with a lot of Japanese and hyper-real influences – it looks sick to say the least.

Check the website here and the track above. It’s awesome to see that so many musicians are so dedicated to creating an aesthetic that’s associated with their music. There’s so much more for us to consume, froth.