Esther Holt: Favourite Tunes

Melbourne folk artist Esther Holt has a gorgeous voice and stunning melodies, that are sweet with a faint hint of darkness. Her ability to create simple yet intricate sounds and lush soundscapes sets her apart from the vast majority of folk-leaning music, making her one of the most interesting upcoming artists in around right now. She’s just released brand new track By Water, the first single off her forthcoming EP, and has unveiled an accompanying video clip. Watch it here:

Her unique, deeply interesting sound left me thinking more about her influences and personal tastes, so we sent Esther our ‘Favourite Tunes’ segment to fill out. Check out the answers here, and treat yo ears to the playlist below.


1. My favourite track to wake up to is…  Anything by the Beatles with a preference for George.

2. The best track for cooking is… I love to watch my partner cook to Father John Misty’s album Fear Fun. This is a regular occurrence in our house.

3. The best track for spring cleaning is… Emmylou by First Aid Kit because it makes me happy, while cleaning makes me sad.

4. The ultimate road trip track is…. Emmylou Harris, ‘Where Will I Be.’ Such an amazing song and album, perfect for a road trip.

5. My favourite love song is… You’re the one that I want. John and Olivia. No reason needed.

6. The best track for sweet love makin’ is… Massive Attack, Teardrop. Dark and sexy.

7. The track that always gets the party started is… Let’s Dance, Bowie: What a man.

8. The best track to wind down a crowd is… Beck: Country Down. Such a relaxed vibe.

9. My favourite drunken karaoke track is… I touch Myself, The Divinyls. Singing this song makes me feel sexy, the reality however is probably more along the lines of drunk and kind of repulsive haha.

10. My favourite song to sing in the shower is… Anything from Feist’s Metals album, particularly The Bad In Each Other..  

11. A song that always makes me cry is… Paul Kelly, Everything’s Turning To White.

12. I love going to sleep listening to….. A ballad written by Gillian Welsh or Dave Rawlings. This one is one of my favourites….

13. I can’t stop dancing when I hear…. The working class anthem of ‘9 to 5’, by the queen, Dolly Parton.