Chance The Rapper Re-Launches Non-Violence Campaign in Chicago

All round good guy Chance The Rapper has once again proved he is the nicest face in hip hop, and is relaunching #FaithInAction – a campaign that kept Chicago murder-free for 42 hours on the same weekend last year (Memorial Day Weekend). Taking into account that there were 456 homicides in Chi-town last year, 42 hours is a pretty solid effort.

Supported by his brother Taylor, Chance is running a massive social media campaign to get the word out, with hashtags like #SaveChicago and #PutTheGunsDown.
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To keep the peace, there will be a plethora of community activities including block parties and shows, as well as prayer corners, with a map Chance prepared earlier to help people get around, as he hopes to “party and protest and protect” all weekend.

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In light of the recent controversy involving race relations in the US, I think we can all hope that the initiative not only works this weekend, but goes even further to improve the homicide rate and race relations in the nation (and the rest of the world). With people like Chance The Rapper at the helm, that could be more than a possibility.