Boys Noize to release new, all analog album + new single

It’s no secret that Boys Noize is not only one of the biggest names in the electronic scene, but is also one of the most influential names as well – and has been for quite sometime. So there for, the continued innovation from real name Alex Rhida is no surprise.

In true Rhida style, the next release from the German noize producer is once again going to turn the game on it’s head, as he gears up to release an all analog, collaborative “album”. Collecting previous works from impromptu jam sessions in his studio, Rhida said it was to be released thanks to the 10 year anniversary of his label, BoysNoize Records. “Over the last years friends came in and out of my studio and sometimes we end up jaming on my machines. Since it’s #BNR10YR I wanted to collect the good ones and put them all together and there is some serious magic going on,” he said. With SCNTSTTotally Enormous Extinct DinosaursPilo and previous collab partner Tiga all on board, Strictly Raw Volume 1 is shaping up to be the techno soundtrack that dreams are made of.

“The idea of the Strictly Raw Vol 1. release is to take 1 drumachine + 1 or 2 synths and make a track with it.” The producer explained, discussing the concept behind the album. “As a DJ you always look out for these timeless house or techno music and here are 9 tracks that go from breaks to techno to acid to classic house, all analog, all strictly raw!!”

Have a listen to the first single with Pilo below, and check the track listing in all it’s 9 track glory!

Strictly Raw Volume 1 tracklisting:

A1. Boys Noize & Johnny Sack “Paranoid”
A2. Boys Noize & Tiga “808 Iraq”
B1. Boys Noize “The Fix”
B2. Boys Noize & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Spacer”
C1. Boys Noize & Pilo “Cerebral”
C2. Boys Noize “Travis”
D1. Boys Noize & AtomTM “Openn”
D2. Boys Noize & SCNTST “Ohm Track”