Azealia Banks and Dev Hynes slam BET Awards

Never one to shy away from controversy, Azealia Banks has joined Dev Hynes in criticising the BET Awards over Twitter. Banks took aim at Nicki Minaj’s domination of the awards for the last five years as nominations rolled out a few days ago. She also slammed black media as ‘pointless and stupid’.

Read the full sequence of tweets here:

Side note: “Barbz” refer to Nicki Minaj’s fans.

In criticising black media, Banks states that these comments aren’t meant to be shots at Nicki Minaj. However, although she never personally attacks Nicki Minaj, she does suggest running over her fans with a car – so take that as you will. Her comments regarding black media are interesting, and as with everything with Azealia Banks, there seems to be an extended history there.

Dev Hynes also backed up Banks in some ways by criticising the lack of diversity of the awards.

While some of these criticisms may have grounds, it is also is just as likely that the BET awards have awarded Minaj simply because she has been the top female rapper in the past five years. This year Minaj has dominated nominations across the boards with four others, the most of the awards, including Best Video and Viewer’s Choice.

Regardless of who wins Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, there will inevitably be controversy. With the two, eternally feuding Azalea/Azealia’s nominated alongside Nicki Minaj, a fight is probably going to break out sometime during the night.