A$AP Rocky Drops New Track, “LSD”

If you’ve never done acid before, don’t fret. A$AP Rocky, (or Lil’ B, depending on who you want to believe (TYBG)), has just dropped (pun semi-intended) a video clip that has made me feel like I am seasoned veteran of the hallucination game. LSD is a track that definitely took me off guard, and represents a whole new direction from this braided-haired superstar. There is a clear R&B influence throughout, with Rocky giving us his best Miguel impersonation, crooning his way through a stunted beat. In what is sure to become a new stoner anthem, LSD opens with a chilling guitar riff, and as we hear his trademark adlib, Rocky launches into a love song with psychedelic vibes.

After hearing the two most recently released tracks from the up and coming album, At Long Last A$AP, (A.L.L.A), I am now even more excited to discover the other ways in which Rocky has developed his sound and flow. From the Rod Stewart-sampling Everyday, to the upbeat, trap-inspired M’$, A$AP Rocky is showing off serious versatility. In these three tracks alone, there’s more variety and depth than his two prior albums.

I have to wonder if many of his previous fans will appreciate this experimentation in sound and flow, or if it will be met with the inevitable backlash that comes with any well-known artist tweaking their style. In the current hip hop climate, I for one welcome any kind of exploration in terms of musical styles; the more variety I have at my fingertips, the better. With opinions and feedback slowly starting to trickle through after the listening party at Red Bull Studios in New York City last night, the anticipation in the lead up to the release is rapidly growing.

After A$AP Rocky single-handedly destroyed my Instagram feed last week with a plethora of grey, white and black images (to be fair, it did end up being a pretty freaking awesome mural), he had plenty of making up to do. It’s safe to say that I forgive you Rocky, let’s never fight again.

At.Long.Last.A$AP drops June 2 via A$AP Worldwide and RCA Records.