Yelawolf and Eminem are BFFL’s on ‘Best Friend’

Holy whack, unlyrical lyrics Andre!

Yelawolf is back with Best Friend, the 5th single off the Alabama rapper’s upcoming album Love Story. Yelawolf has enlisted the help of his label boss and ‘best friend’ Eminem for the album’s one and only feature. And what a feature. The Rap God has risen just in time for a late Easter miracle. Willpower be praised. Yelawolf happily reclines on this track, providing some smokey sing-song verses and a very adequate chorus all in the tones of his signature country rap. He graciously lets Em do all the track’s rapping.

In the twilight of his career, Eminem has realised that it’s too risky trying to be cool, trying to be edgy, trying to keep up with the Kendricks and the Drakes. He doesn’t want to risk being made fun of by snide hip-hop heads. Instead he’s safe in the knowledge that while providing robotic technically perfect raps may not be cool, it will always be respected. Just like my dads decision to phase his Rip Curl t-shirts and start wearing a sweater vest and tie wherever he goes. It’s safe and it’s dignified. He’s 55 and no one can have a go at him.