Weekly Playlist!

Finally, the weekend is here, and it’s a long one at that! Thankfully, we have once again pulled through to bring you the top 10 new tracks that have dropped this week. There is a really good mix here, from sultry pop to delicate piano numbers, peculiar electro, shoegaze, late night club jams and – of course – some Killer Mike. TGIF!

1. Sofi de la Torre – Lovers Work Late

Lifted from her forthcoming EP Vermillion, this is one rising pop star that isn’t messing around. She’s already had nods from Paramore and Grimes, as well as a lot of Internet love. If you listen to her tracks, you’ll know why. Her honeyed voice and sultry lyrics paired with pop styled production makes for an incredibly enjoyable experience.

2. Adria – Falling

Perth singer Adria has just dropped her debut EP, Shell, and Falling is her latest single. Beautiful and delicate piano is juxtaposed with her incredible vocal range, as it soars with incredible passion before dropping to a faint whisper. Wait ’til you get to the end and try not to melt. Stunning.

3. Late Night Hysterics – Moondance

Following on in our Perth love this week is the new track from local heroes Late Night Hysterics. Labelling it as “Atmospheric Electronic”, they’re not too far off the mark with this new track. Epic, sprawling and captivating, Moondance is one massive track that I was enthralled in from the first listen.

4. Fieldings – A Pleasant Stutter

Sydneysider Fieldings has been kicking around for about a year under this current moniker (she was formerly known as The Understudy), but her simplisitic, less-is-more approach makes her sound like she’s been doing this since forever. A Pleasant Stutter is understated cool, featuring sounds from a Dulwich Hill thunderstorm and a car safety PSA from the 70s, wicked vocals, thumping beats and what sounds like a wall of fuzz descending on your ears.

5. Left. – Liquor Lip Loaded Gun (Sticky Fingers cover)

I’m not the biggest fan of Sticky Fingers, but I could be if they started sounding like this! Intricate, experimental and sweeping, this cover is a tremendous effort and has been on repeat for quite a while now. I really love artists that completely overhaul the track their covering to make it their own, and Left. has done this and more with Liquor Lip Loaded Gun.

6. Sea Moya – Do Things

Psychedelic beat trio hailing from Germany Sea Moya make some of the most interesting sounds I’ve heard in quite some time. Do Things is one of those tracks that makes you sit up and listen, with it’s originality and fresh take on electronica that I just can’t get enough of!

7. MNDR & Killer Mike – Lock & Load

We also have a separate post on this bad boy, but it’s just too cool not to cover. Two of my favourite artists in the game teaming up for one of the most bad ass songs to be released this year, MNDR and Killer Mike both shine on Lock & Load (I actually think it’s impossible for Killer Mike NOT to shine). The gangsta beat with the echoing, almost creepy synth lines provide the perfect bed for MNDR’s sexy as hell vocals and Killer Mike’s epic verse.

8. Phosphene – Be Mine

US rockers Phosphene are back with another killer track in Be Mine. Sticking to their guns, this shoegaze number shines a great light on their lead female vocalist and features a pretty killer guitar solo. This is tipped to be included on their new EP coming out later this year, which has us very excited indeed to hear what’s still to come.

9. LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Help Me Out (Rat & Co Remix)

I fucking love LUCIANBLOMKAMP. He is one of the most exciting electronic artists in the Australian scene, and he continues to deliver excellent tracks. Help Me Out has featured heavily in my most played tracks lately, so it’s pretty awesome to see fellow local electronic heroes Rat & Co jumping on remix duties. Bringing jazz into the fray, they give this twisted, dark track some soul with it’s hip hop backbeat. Also that breakdown is what dreams are made of.

10. The Completely Boys – Hard 4 U

This is the collaborative project of Sweat It Out! Music alum Frames and his friend from bass lords B.O.O.M.A. As someone who is no stranger to late nights in the club, this is the kind of music that speaks to me on another level. The perfect tracks for those 3am times when your body is aching from the heaving bass you just experience and you don’t want to go home just yet, these guys are the new kings of late night club jams.