Watch the first Destiny’s Child performance in two years

In an act that my dreams are made of, Destiny’s Child recently reunited for the Stellar Gospel Awards. Performing multiple nominee on the night and 1/3 of one of the biggest girl groups ever Michelle Williams‘ huge gospel song Say Yes, the trio regrouped for one song and one song only praising their Lord.

The euphoric, high energy number took new life when Beyonce and Kelly flanked Williams at the awards ceremony, the first time they’ve performed together since 2013. It’s enough to give you goosebumps, if not for how perfect they look together, for the incredible crowd participation.

This of course has sparked many-a rumour that Destiny’s Child will perhaps finally tour once again. Although if that is the case, there is no price I wouldn’t pay to see that performance, I personally think it’s still too early to get any hopes up. Perhaps the sheer joy of performing together will re-ignite the flame they once had as a group, making them realise how much they love it. Is that too much wishful thinking on my part? Who knows, it worked for Queenat Live Aid, it could work here? Hopefully they’ll “say yes” and make us all very happy!