Twin Cavern’s new single is absolutely stunning

I originally wrote this on Indie Shuffle

Really happy to share yet another beautiful new track from Sydney duo Twin Caverns. Each and every one of their hypnotic releases showcases another angle of their sultry, soulful electronic sound. I feel re-hypnotised every time.

Pyramid has a low beat and a softly syncopated rhythm. The rolling bass leads the atmosphere while the airy vocals and beautiful guitar — which almost gives off a Spanish vibe at times — add a whole myriad splashes of colour and tone. Intertwined to perfection, each layer dances together with smokey precision.

This was actually the first track they actually wrote together. You can already hear how tightly fused Michael Macias’ production is with Louise Millar’s icy vocals.

With a haunting chill and sensual touch, this song is simply stunning. Twin Caverns will be releasing their debut EP, Glass Balloon, on April 8.