Tkay Maidza played a killer set at Goodgod in Sydney!

You know those nights when you’re dancing your heart out at a concert, the lights are insane and the last five songs have become a sort of euphoric blur, and you look around yourself and think wow… we’re all fucked.

Tkay Maidza knows how to create that vibe.

That isn’t to say that the crowd at Goodgod Small Club were completely trollied this last Thursday night, in fact quite the opposite. But her music is just fun, and so is her personality. Within minutes of starting her set Tkay had transformed the room from a bunch of people standing around chatting to a heaving, pumping dance floor.

Tkay’s rapping was on point, as was her performance. She bounced around the stage with such an effortless enthusiasm, bringing a greater sense of humour and irony to her lyrics, which can sound a bit cheesy on their own. (In the light of day I would cringe to be told to stomp my feet like a Brontosaurus but somehow when Tkay says it, it’s not so bad).


After seeing her perform up close and personal it isn’t surprising how quickly the triple J unearthed nominee has rocketed to fame. She has a new single out, M.O.B (Money Over Bitches), and is doing a heap of tours around Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in the coming months, which you can check out here.

If you haven’t seen Tkay Maidza perform live yet I recommend it, she’s way too cute.