The Prodigy’s latest album makes me angry – it’s that good

The Prodigy’s long-awaited sixth studio album The Day is my Enemy is furiously captivating and an honest testament to why they have been in the biz for 25 years.

Pioneers of the big beat genre, lasting members Liam Howlett, Keef Flint and Maxim present an album infused with electronic beats and live instrumentals that take you on a journey through the underbelly of city nightlife.

There is a consistent dark, angry edge to the album with an expressive hard sound and at times eerie vocal that pull in the listener.

Beyond The Deathray is the only song on the album without vocals giving air to the electronic sound in its most pure form.

Title track The Day Is My Enemy is something of a statement piece, kicking off the album with a brawny snare leading into female vocals, before penetrating that aggressive, angry vibe which seeps into every pore of the entire album. And it’s actually magic.

With a taste more acquired in the depths of deep house and house – evidently far from the heavy electronic and instrumentally infused sound of The Prodigy, I can’t help but say I agree with The Herald Sun when it comes to this album: “Sounds like beautiful noise.”

Give the album a listen HERE and let me know what you think.