The 7 Things To Come From Kendrick Lamar’s Twitter Q&A

The notoriously social media resistant Kendrick Lamar recently took part in a Q&A on Twitter, thanks to an announcement from Top Dawg Entertainment‘s CEO Anthony Tiffith. I’m not sure what was more disappointing though: the fact that it was indeed disappointing, or the fact that it’s not surprising how disappointing it was. Whatever the case, seven lucky folks had their questions answered by K-Dot, and there was still a bit to learn from his answers. Besides name Earl Sweatshirt as his favourite rapper in the game right now, Kendrick also cited Iceberg Slim as an inspiration behind To Pimp A Butterfly, as well as mentioning his good and bad spirits that helped him complete the record, what his favourite track is on TPAB and what his plans are regarding a world tour. Check out his answers below: