Splendour In The Grass bans Selfie Sticks

It’s true! Along with the announcement of their 2015 lineup that dropped yesterday came the announcement that the list of banned items has been modified… And now includes selfie sticks.

That’s right! Alongside weapons of any kind and fireworks, the selfie stick is now prohibited from entering the festival grounds, meaning people will actually have to do this strange thing called – and forgive me if I’m not getting this right – “watching the performance with their own eyes”… Or at least through their screen that is only held at an arm’s length. The announcement follows on from Soundwave also banning the baton of narcissism. The outspoken promoter AJ Maddah summed it up brilliantly when he said, “Dear people with those fucking camera sticks: please have some consideration for people behind you trying to enjoy the show. Thank you.”

No, AJ, thank YOU. This comes after a series of events where punters like myself have come close to permanent damage from how many times I rolled my eyes having been behind some dumb girls taking selfies whilst trying to enjoy a band. It seemed to have reached a critical level at Falls Festival earlier this year, so I’m sure there will be a lot of fellow regular gig goers rejoicing at this development.

Tickets go on sale for Splendour next Wednesday, and you can watch this space for all related news coming from the festival in the months to come!