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Rapper Erick Sermon says hip hop will never accept transgender rappers

Bruce Jenner recently came out, officially through an interview with Diane Sawyer, as a transgender woman. 17 million people watched. Jenner has been praised for her bravery, and the Kardashian family (as well as Kanye West) have been commended on their acceptance and support.

But some people haven’t taken so kindly to the news.

In an interview with TMZ, Rapper Erick Sermon called Bruce Jenner “crazy” and stated that hip hop will never be ready for transgender rappers.

Speaking with the kind of ignorance we fortunately don’t hear that often anymore, the MC had to cover his tracks after calling Jenner, who recently shared the news that he was now a woman, crazy. “He’s crazy……… Maybe he’s trying to bring awareness, ‘cos I heard that the suicide rate is heavy for people who are stuck like he is…. uh, so he’s crazy RIGHT NOW, because the timing is bad.”

Um, ‘stuck like this’?!

The reporter then asked him if it it will ever be acceptable in hip hop. Sermon didn’t even let the guy finish the question before responding, “No.”

He went on to explain that it was “taking the culture too far.”

In a time where rap has never been broader or more accepting of different cultures and lifestyles, it’s pretty horrendous to hear this kind of bullshit.

Sermon later sent this statement to XXL Mag: “I’ve been in hip-hop for 25 years. I’ve seen so much come and go as far as trends and what’s acceptable and what’s not. I stand by what I said to TMZ and I admit that hip-hop has some room to grow when it comes to those issues.” said Erick Sermon. “We haven’t fully gotten there as a culture yet, but I believe in allowing people to be who they are and express their creativity in whatever manner they choose. There are different styles and trends that are pushing boundaries right now, but at the end of the day everybody deserves respect.”