Playlist: The Best New Songs This Week!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s playlist day, HOORAY! We have a strongly electronic list this week, with a little hip hop and some indie rock thrown in for good measure. Enjoy :)

Freddie Gibbs & Kaytranada, My Dope House

Well this is just a given. Two of the most exciting names in the game have come together on one hell of a track. Opening on swooping, deep synths and a huge beat, Gibbs’ aggressive raps are spat out, effortlessly power and with a flow like quicksand. I fucking love this song and that’s that.

Nosaj Thing, Don’t Mind Me ft. Whoarei

This track really traipses between the weirdly absurd and the beautifully soulful. Pitch-shifted vocals, both high and low, dance around a deep beat and a gorgeous, husky un-shifted vocal line, before some seriously psychedelic taps and beats come in and out of your earphones almost at random, generating an experimental and very strange atmosphere. Dense, but excellent.


It’s pronounced Arcadia (I know, I was confused too.) It’s dark and strange and kind of convoluted, but once you wade through the ambience and white noise, an intricate track with a solidly experimental, glitch vibe starts developing. Two minutes of interesting sound effects, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Klue, Way I’m Loving You

A heady beat and bright xylophone-style notes intertwine with incredibly staccato-ed vocals and clean brass-sounding chords. This is a really interesting track, catchy and dance-ready, although I can’t help but thinking how much better it’d be if it were a little less choppy.

Darts, Aeroplane

The Melbourne five-piece caught my attention recently with their track Westward Bound, and I’m so glad they did, because Aeroplane is even better. Refreshingly simple and somehow managing to sound genuine in a world overflowing with indie bands, I’m very much looking forward to their upcoming debut album.

OOFJ, I Forgive You (Dean Blunt remix)

I imagine it was difficult to remix a track so expansive and unique, but Dean Blunt has managed to do it really well. While I don’t like the pitch-shifted vocals as much throughout this version, the slow, hypnotic and demanding instrumental layers are stunning. Oh, and watch out for the two-minute mark.

Henry Green, Barcelona

Henry Green is a Bristol-based teenager, and this is his absolutely gorgeous debut single Barcelona. Slow and emotive, the intimate lyrics and delicate instrumental layers have been pieced together with precision well beyond his experience. This is an absolutely lovely track, and I’m really looking forward to hearing more.

Twin Caverns, Truth

Twin Caverns have become something of a staple in these playlists – each track they release is phenomenal. They’ve just released their debut EP, and this is their final single from it. Sensual and sultry and trip-hop-infused electronica, and there’s a flute – you cannot go wrong when there’s a flute involved.

Feki, Remember

I discovered Feki a few months back through a mixtape, and I’ve really loved his work ever since. The Brisbane producer has a knack for organic, earthly beats that just give off this beautiful rainforesty vibe. Each layer smoothly flows around the next, with keys, rhythms and synths gently twirling and intertwining with one another.

Tinashe, All Hands on Deck (Giraffage Remix)

Tinashe’s track has received a bright, plinky-plonky electronic remix courtesy of California’s Giraffage. It’s got a seriously sick dance beat, perfect for the late night dance floor, but retaining enough of the original’s steamy sensuality. It’s not easy to find that balance, most dance remixes end up giving up the sexiness to make room for banger-ness, but this one’s perfect.