Samm Henshaw

Playlist: The best new songs of the week

Here’s our weekly playlist, our ten favourite songs to kick off your weekend. A particularly genre-spanning list this week, we’ve got everything from blues to indie, some damn smooth remixes and a pinch of glitchy electro, just for good measure.

Samm Henshaw, Redemption
I was introduced to Samm Henshaw last year and am so happy that he’s got a new track! Bluesy twangs, a harmonica and one of the best melodies I’ve heard in a long time make this my favourite new song of the week. Full of soul and raw passion, I can’t get enough of this track.

Holy Holy, You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog
I got really into Holy Holy last year when they released History, and now they’re back with another great single. Bringing together nostalgic guitar riffs and a fresh, modern vibe, the real highlight of this track is the solo and instrumental outro, kicking off at 3:50. Some serious Pink Floyd shit right there.

Hedge Fund, Look Who’s Back
The upcoming Sydney band’s new track contrasts brooding verses with a huge chorus. Anchored by a deep, driving bass and embellished by bright guitars, . Nostalgic and tight, they’ve got a strong, if familiar sound– and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Mas Ysa, Look Up
Opening on a lovely riff before subtle beats and flowing synth rhythms fill up the atmosphere, Mas Ysa’s new one is upbeat, breathy and gorgeous. The vocals really make the track for me, taking a familiar sound and giving it a really fresh makeover. It’s not the kind of stuff that I usually like, but this is pretty special.

Darius, Helios ft. Wayne Snow (Bondax Remix)
I posted about the original track recently, saying that it’s one of the best tracks I’ve heard all year. Darius had previously remixed Bondax, and now they’ve returned the favour. It’s not easy to remix a great track, but Bondax have done it really damn well.

Jamie xx, Loud Places ft. Romy (Eekkoo edit)
Arguably Jamie xx’s best solo track to date, Canadian producer eekkoo has released a really great remix. It’s fuller and faster, without losing the cloudy, somber tone of the original. The beat is steady yet gentle, and Romy’s vocals are as haunting as ever while those keys chime in at exactly the right moments.

Active Child, Never Far Away
A wonderful, subdued new track from the ever-excellent Active Child. The atmosphere is soft and intimate, with his signature vocals tugging at the heartstrings above a gorgeous rhythm. It’s an interesting track too, as it’s nowhere near as huge or dramatic as many of his other tracks – but this is equally strong, and equally beautiful.

Ben Hayes, Did I? ft. Naomi Banks
An ambient soundscape sets the scene of this track, while the vocals are looped and echoed, slowly building, one layer at a time What starts fairly minimally expands into something big, soaring and very cool. I love the fuzzy synths contrasted to the pristine vocals, and the shuffling beat as it climbs and climbs.

There’s something really interesting about this track. The airy, vibe leaves no space for silent air, with each layer kind of mashing together, and the resulting soundscape is wonderful. The pop-heavy melody is husky and seriously catchy, while the myriad beats and sounds create something very cool.

Crystal Castles, Frail
Back from the dead, Crystal Castles return! Now as a solo act (but with the help of a vocalist who sounds remarkably similar to Alice Glass), the new track is everything we’ve come to love and expect from CC. It’s frantic and strange, a little unsettling and really powerful – hopefully there’s more on the way soon.