New Music from Ratatat!

It’s been a long time coming. Some were getting impatient, others held it together a little better, but the fact is – the wait is over. Ratatat are back, hotter than ever, with their first track in five years!

Titled Cream On Chrome, this marks the beginning of a fifth chapter in the Ratatat saga, and one we couldn’t be more excited to see unfold. Dropping it the morning of their Coachella performance before playing it live later that night, things are looking pretty promising for their fans who (like me) can’t get enough of their unique signature sound.

This said sound is on show in Cream On Chrome, but it’s a little different. The guitar solos are a little more mellow – though still searingly hot -, and their is a different kind of instrumental vibe going on. However, it wouldn’t be a Ratatat track without their trademark synth sounds and stimulating grooves. Dropping alongside an equally stimulating video clip (featuring synced light installations and a random Asian man appearing occasionally to take photos), we can’t help but hazard a guess that this is the start of something very good. Check the clip below, and after that check the live video recorded from Coachella yesterday.