Mid-Week Video Roundup

Morning Harvey – Smith Street Swap Meet

Brisbane psych pop band Morning Harvey are an act we cannot get enough of right now, even if we tried. Their first single for 2015, Smith Street Swap Meet came after the hugely successful T.I.D.E, and the accompanying clip has made me love the track all over again. According to frontman Spencer White, the clip was inspired by Bjork and Nick Cave in regards to narrative-based videos, but it’s also open to your own personal interpretation. “This guy has some kind of a bond with this computer monitor and in someways wants to get rid of it and is fed up with whatever they have… But as soon as this certain thing is gone, he wants it back. What that might mean is up to the viewer.” Seriously though, this is my favourite song of this year.

Jamie xx Gosh

The second single from Jamie xx’s highly anticipated forthcoming album, In Colours paints an even more exciting picture of what we can expect from the prolific producer. Gosh is a percussive dream with sweeping beats and a groove I just can’t get enough of, and in true Jamie style, the accompanying visuals are something to truly be marveled at. Compiling footage from NASA, JPL and Goodard Space Flight Centre Scientific Visualization Studio, the clip directed by Erik Wernquist, shows a projection of space in the future. We cannot wait for this album to drop next month!

Slum SociableAnywhere

It’s a pretty great feat, getting as much love as Slum Sociable have been getting from just one single, but when it’s a song like Anywhere – it all makes sense. Now, that hype will surely reach a critical level thanks to the fantastic accompanying video clip. Directed by Danny Cohen (who has previously worked with Mac DeMarco and Chela), the clip shows a bunch of cloaked figures standing on small pillars, with quite a peculiar background. As it gets further into the song, the figures start dancing and eventually writhing around, before leaping across the scenes. It’s really quite beautiful, and is a testament not only to the director but to the song as well.


After six years, LA’s HEALTH are well and truly back with their latest video for new single, New Coke. Coming from their third album titled Death Magic, The dark track is frenetic and anxiety-inducing, with it’s quick drums and ethereal vocals, but there is also a sense of fun in there (or is that just me?). The accompanying video, directed by bassist John Famiglietti is equally as ominous, featuring a cameo from Alice Glass as it depicts a harrowing representation of clubbing. Spoiler alert, there is some artistically filmed vomit in one part, so probably best to mentally prepare for that before watching it.

Miami HorrorLove Like Mine (Ft. Cleopold)

Citing “weirdness and sunshine” as two of the band’s biggest mood-influencers, Miami Horror continue their return with the release of their single Love Like Mine. Upon first listen of the track, I imagined a similarly looking video to go along with it – bright, fun, probably involving dancing. However, the boys have gone for a different approach, and instead have opted for a static shot of a car, with their song playing on the radio whilst an unsuspecting story plays before your eyes through the car window. It’s completely different from a lot of other clips seen today, and is definitely one of my favourites of this year!

Ben Khan – 1000

One of the most exciting names in the world right now is Ben Khan, noted perfectionist and game changer. His David Lynch-esque clip for his single 1000 is no exception, with the whole thing taking on a Twin Peaks via some dream wonderland feel. Khan himself appears, splitting his time between typing on a typewriter and hanging out in weird, eerie halls fitted out with tarps and strobe lights, and other such bizarre activities until things get really weird. The track is taken from his forthcoming EP out via his own Blessed Vice imprint.