Ludacris’ new video clip features Marshawn Lynch

Guess what, Ludacris is dropping a new album next week. Ludaversal is reportedly more aggressive and powerful than anything else he’s done of late – including this one, Beast Mode.

The video clip features Ludacris at a press conference, basically mocking media coverage. The reporters ask him stupid questions, and he doesn’t answer them.

To fit it out, he’s pulled in Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks, a pro-footballer and notorious hater of the press. Lynch goes to great lengths to avoid speaking with the press – he’s nearly lost is football contract over it, and has even been referenced by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry when they want to avoid talking with the press.

The song itself is abrasive and fairly unimpressive, save for the myriad metaphors that litter almost every couplet. Rhyming “Batman” with “Pacman” and “John Dillinger” with “Forrest Whittaker” are pretty genius, not to mention name-dropping Bed, Bath and Beyond, Weight Watchers and all sorts of other weirdly middle class references.

Throughout the clip you also get to Lynch flexing his muscles, working out, and dancing around like nobody’s business. It’s pretty great.

Luda recently explained the song and his reason for pulling in Lynch: “The same way he’s plowing down people on the field, I’m plowing down people in the music industry and all these rappers,” Ludacris said. “It’s a song that has no hook, it’s three minutes of just metaphors and just going in.”