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Listen to Hot Chip’s brand new single!

Well, this is awesome.

British electro-pop legends Hot Chip (who I was so honoured to interview recently) are gearing up to drop a brand new album next month, and they’ve just released the second single from their forthcoming release.

The first single they released off their sixth studio relese Why Make Sense? was the wonderful Huarache Lights, and, similarly, Need You Now has been released with its very own video clip fresh off the bat.

The clip stars leadman Alexis Taylor dealing with the depressing aftermath of a breakup. After a couple minutes, you realise that the breakup he’s going through is actually with… himself. And it’s a bad one. Ripped photos, broken crockery, desolate, abandoned wastelands. As the clip progresses, there’s little snippets of complete and total absurdity, like when you noticed the abandoned ships in a deserted field, when his body fades from sight or when the full scene quickly becomes drowned in literal blackness.

It’s surreal and strange and wonderful – just like the song.

God I love Hot Chip.

Why Make Sense? comes out on May 15.