‘Let Me Drake That For You’ – it’s like Google, but Drake.

Google is so boring, Yahoo is so out, and who the hell uses Bing? Luckily, as usual, your boy Drake has got your back – and he’s ready to answer all your questions.

Let Me Drake That For You is a brand new search engine that caters to all your searching needs, relating everything back to the champagnepapi. It’s done really well, with Drake exclaiming ‘Yeuuh’, ‘Worst’ and ‘Uuuh’ as you search, doctored lyrics commenting on what you’ve searched, and of course ‘Just hold on we’re going home’ plays as you return to the search bar. The ‘I’m Feeling Drizzy’ button is a whole other story, randomly generating gifs of Drake alongside clipart fire and cash getting thrown around.

Definitely check it out here: http://lmdraketfy.com/