Kendrick Lamar shares a verse that was cut from ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’

In the flurry of new interviews, Kendrick Lamar‘s first since releasing his mind-blowing album To Pimp A Butterflyhe’s revealed many of the answers to the burning questions we’ve had for the past couple weeks. From his notions of it being a classic album, to the meaning behind the album name and more, we’ve listed a few of our highlights here. He’s now revealed that the original album name was actually going to be, How Much a Dollar Cost? and below, he’s actually shared a verse that didn’t make the final cut of the album.

This is my favourite snippet of an interview so far (while the above link reveals some amazing insight, the radio interviewers are horrible,) and I highly recommend listening to the whole 11 minutes. He shares stories about Compton and his roots – from his first time being played on the radio to songs that we’ll never hear, to this:

The amazing part is that he stops the verse and humbly, with a cheeky little smile, says that he doesn’t wanna reveal anymore, because “that’s for me, man.”

Respect. Straight up.