Just A Gent: Tunes for gents

Just a Gent is a Newcastle-based producer who has just turned 18. Much like any other 18-year-old, he’s celebrated by announcing a national tour. As you do.
His tunes are bangin’, his attitude is wonderful and he’s getting ready to set dance floors alight throughout the country.

To prepare us for the magic to come, the man himself has made us a list of the top ten songs that any gent should know. Enjoy!

1. Flying Lotus – Fall In Love
2. Darius – Espoir
3. Prince – 1999
4. Lxury – J.A.W.S
5. Tritonal – Anchor (Unlike Pluto Remix)
6.  The Entire Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
7. Machineheart – Circles (Vanic Remix)
7. Rogue – Forever
8. Daft Punk – One More Time
9. Digitalism – Pogo
10. Just A Gent – Redemption

Here’s most of it in a playlist:

Here’s Prince:

and here’s the Phantom: