Future Music Festival

Goodbye Future Music Festival

Just short of celebrating 10 years, Future Music Festival announced on their Facebook page that the festival will not be returning in 2016.

The Festival’s cancellation is due to financial difficulties and The Mushroom Group, who bought into FMF in 2013, describe poor ticket sales as their Achilles heel.

“Mushroom Group share the belief expressed by a number of promoters globally that the day of the large scale travelling festival in its current form is unfortunately numbered,” they wrote.

Future Music Festival

Although it was unknown to the public at the time, FMF 2015 would mark the end of the Festival’s short lived era.

Their 2015 line-up hosted the likes of Drake, Avicii, Hardwell, Die Antwoord and  The Prodigy with impressive artists headlining in the past, such as Swedish House Mafia, Fatboy Slim, Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 and so many more. Read our review here.

The Mushroom Group are developing a new festival concept, planned for the same time period previously held by Future Music Festival. The Group have not mentioned if the Festival will be dance music orientated or not.

Not to fear dance music fans, for Future Music’s sister festival Good Life which shares a similar line-up to Future will live on, for now.

While EDM fans still have Stereosonic to look forward to, there has also been rumours of Ultra eventually tipping their hat to Australia (especially considering their recent expansion to Asia,) as well as Lollapalooza.

And while it may seem like the Australian festival scene is in jeopardy, let’s not forget the myriad smaller (and let’s be real here, way fucking better) festivals on offer like OutsideIn, Listen Out, Strawberry Fields, Sugar Mountain, Beyond The Valley etc etc etc.