elizabeth rose

Elizabeth Rose’s ‘Discotheque’ Turned Up The Heat

Okay, I admit it, I was late to the party with Elizabeth Rose. Of course I had known her from one of my favourite Flight Facilities‘ songs, I Didn’t Believe, but for some reason I never caught onto the woman behind those impossibly catchy vocals. It wasn’t until this year, when she teamed up with another one of my favourite, Chrome Sparks, did I realise that I must have been missing out on something, and headed down to The Brightside in Brisbane to see just what it was I had looked over for so long.

Curating a lineup of “discotheques”, each of the three dates of her national tour featured a different lineup showcasing national and local talents. Although I suffered some severe FOMO from missing out on the Melbourne leg (Oscar Key SungBanoffee and Klo were all along for the ride), I was saved in the fact that Rose was bringing a Seekae DJ Set to play alongside local talent Tyler Touche and newcomer/Pilerats affiliate Floria for her Brisbane show.

It was truly an unfortunate turn of events that caused me to miss the latter two acts, but was pleasantly greeted with the DJ set by Seekae member George Nicholas. DJ sets always intrigue me, especially when they are done by artists who have a special place in my heart. I am a massive Seekae fan, and have been for years, so it was a little disconcerting to see Nicholas in this setting, but all unease faded away after listening to not only his exceptional music taste but his ability as a DJ. Perhaps I don’t give the notion of DJ set much credence, much preferring live performances, but it was enjoyable to see such a musician whom I respect and admire so much doing something different, doing it well, and enjoying it. Props to you, George!

It didn’t take long for Rose to set up, flanked by a fellow lady on keys. The two women looked a little uneasy at first, and that could perhaps have something to do with the dismal turn out for the main event. Only a scattering of people were present for Rose’s set, which was really disappointing considering just how much energy she brought to her performance. For a small lady, she really does pack a punch. Don’t let her adorable aesthetic fool you, with her bangs, eccentric outfit and Adidas shoes, Elizabeth Rose is a seriously talented performer and artist. Getting stuck in from the first track, the few that were in attendance got down to boogying just like you should at a discotheque in no time.

Featuring old and new material in her set, including stand out tracks The Good Life and Another Earth – two tracks that show completely different sides to her – Rose proved she was more than just a “Flight Facilities Girl” as she has so unnecessarily been labelled. In fact, she is perhaps one of the country’s best kept secrets, it’s just a shame the secret doesn’t get out sooner. If her steady output of quality tracks (that have since been constantly on repeat for me), and her energetic live shows even when performing to a very small but nevertheless adoring crowd are anything to go by, Elizabeth Rose will only need to sit tight for a little while longer, before receiving the credit and success she so obviously deserves.