Zya Ditty

Check out the Facebook App that converts text into music

There’s a new Facebook app that will purportedly turn text into music.

But how in the blazing sun does this app intend to work exactly?

Well, at this year’s annual Facebook conference for developers and entrepreneurs, aka Facebook F8, Facebook revealed plans that its Messenger service will be turned into an open platform for third-party developers.

And you thought receiving videos and photos in Messenger was cool. One step further and one of the first available upgrades to Messenger is an app that can turn text into popular tunes.

Powered by Zya Ditty and works by inserting a text-to-autotune generator which allows the user to choose a backing song from a music bank, the generator then syncs the 20-second music clip to the words, creating a text-based music video.

Or in visual terms, it works like this:

Oh the fun.

FYI some of the songs available at the launch included: The Kingsmen’s Louie Louie, OneRepublic’s Counting Stars, and Sia’s Chandelier.

But more importantly, would you use this app?