Chance The Rapper project to be released next week

Chance The Rapper shows us again that he’s so 2015 by announcing another surprise album. Chance took time out of a performance at Michigan State to tell the crowd that his new project Surf would be out within the week. Also because it’s 2015, the album will be completely free; just like his glorious mix tape Acid Rap.

It seems that Surf isn’t strictly a Chance The Rapper album. But instead highlights his live band The Social Experiment. In particular, it’s going to put the talents of trumpet player, Donnie Trumpet, centre stage. (No relation to Australian trumpet prodigy, Timmy Trumpet). It’s possible that we might expect an official Chance studio album later in the year, predicted  to feature the likes of Frank Ocean, Migos and Rick Rubin.

Either way, more Chance the Rapper makes everyday wonderful.