Awesome new music videos from Sia, Raury, OverDoz and Holy Holy

Raury – Fly ft. Malik Shakur

On April 21 Raury released a moving new music video for his song Fly. In the description he wrote, “Deep in my heart, I know everything is going to be alright.”

Fly deals with racism and police brutality against African Americans with a disarming honesty. It is paired back and raw, almost childish. The music video takes a similar vein, using stop motion paper cutouts to show the history of African slave trade in America and the racism that has come with that.

The last verse reads like a modern day appropriation of Martin Luther Kings speech; ‘I hope my son dreams to be mountains… I hope he never becomes a hashtag… I hope that no man in no uniform, assumes he’s reaching for something in his pocket… I hope he flies’. Sobering stuff.

Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog

Holy Holy have been killing it recently. They’ve just been announced on the Splendour in the Grass line up and are about to commence a massive tour of the UK and Europe, not to mention serious radio play for their latest single You Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog. It’s unsurprising – the song is seriously good, with some stunning drums and guitar work. They’ve now released the accompanying video clip, so intensely Australian it makes you want to go out to the bush, sink a couple VB longnecks and grow a big bushy beard. Well at least that’s what it made me want to do…

I expect good things from these guys.

SiaFire Meet Gasoline 

Perhaps it is because Sia has such a reputation for unique or controversial music videos, but her latest clip for Fire Meet Gasoline seems a little soft.

Featuring Heidi Klum as the lead female, the film starts out in a picturesque countryside. Klum and her lover – YES, that is Oberyn from Game of Thrones (RIP), real name Pedro Pascal – drive around, occasionally pausing to embrace, clearly moved by the beauty of the landscape around them. Interspersed with this are shots of a sad, disillusioned Klum burning their country house to the ground.

In the final scene she walks out of the flames and puts on the recognisable Sia wig. Cut to a wolf. I’m not joking, it really does randomly cut to a wolf…

I’m sure the clip does have a greater meaning. Perhaps this is a metaphor for the birth of ‘Sia’ as she is known today, a birth of fire. Unfortunately it just doesn’t resonate as strongly her other work.

OverDozF**k Yo’ DJ ft. A$AP Ferg

OverDoz have been pumping out some awesome tunes lately and this is no exception. The group spends most of the music video bouncing around in front of various different coloured backgrounds. The film is simple, but they manage to capture that same laidback, slightly daggy sense of humour in their music video that they do in their lyrics.

And just in case you missed the irony and mistakenly thought these guys actually were actually taking themselves seriously, they’ve included a little bloopers section at the end.