Amy Winehouse contemplates fame in powerful documentary trailer

Amy Winehouse became one of the more recent members of the 27 Club when she passed away in 2011. Despite only living a short life, she still made her mark in the music industry and became one of the most iconic artists in history.

The trailer for her upcoming documentary was released yesterday, featuring early footage of Winehouse and an interview where she talks about her music and the future of her career. The film is said to contain previously-unseen footage and unreleased recordings.

The trailer suggests that Winehouse was slightly indecisive about whether she wanted to be famous, insisting that she wouldn’t be able to take the pressure of it all. “I don’t think I could handle [being famous], I’d probably go mad.”

But Winehouse was one of a kind, and she knew that. It was only a matter of time before the public couldn’t get enough of her. All she needed to do was be herself. “I felt like I had nothing new that was coming out at the time that really represented me or the way I felt, so, you know, I just started writing.”

If the film is as powerful as this trailer, it will definitely be worth the watch. However, whether it will be released in Australia is another story.

AMY will be released on July 3rd in the UK and Ireland.