A$AP Rocky: “Rap Is The New Wrestling”

A$AP Rocky grows more and more interesting every day. Now forming an identity as an outspoken critic of the hip hop industry, of which he’s one of the biggest stars right now, he recently used an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival to analyse the situation. Speaking live at a recording of CRWN, a hip hop podcast, the rapper stated, “Hip hop is the new wrestling.” That is, artists choose a weird name, make outlandish, controversial remarks and sit back and wait for people to pay attention.

It’s a really interesting comment on the industry as it is today – and really, of the wider music industry in general, particularly in pop and some forms of dance music.

He made no secret about the irony of the statement. His name is A$AP Rocky after all; his biggest hit is called Fuckin’ Problems and features a vast array of big name celebs like Drake and 2 Chainz. While he said that he didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite, he also said that he wanted everyone to hear his music – and in today’s day and age, that’s the way to go about it.

The 26-year-old seems like he’s trying to get the world to take him more seriously – conveniently in time for the press to start rolling out info about his upcoming album A.L.L.A. He spoke about his love-hate relationship with the industry and its artists. Quoting the late A$AP Yams, he said that 2014 was a really weak year for hip hop, and that he’s become far more selective about who he collaborates with.

“I can’t do no records with people who, creatively, I don’t see eye to eye with,” he said.

He spoke about the peers who inspire him too, such as Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, Action Bronson and Joey Badass.

He went on to encourage upcoming rappers to go against the grain and to search for non-traditional paths to success, such as getting signed to a big label and working your way up to ‘system.’

“You shouldn’t try to make music just so you can be on the radio,” he said. Music should only be created to make the listener feel “some type of way.”

The discussion also touched upon his engagement to his relationship status, his affection for weed and psychedelic drugs and more.

keep an eye out for the full video, dropping later this month.