The world’s biggest record collection is becoming a listenable library

No, we’re not exaggerating. Welcome to the world of Zero Freitas, a Brazilian collector with no less than FIVE MILLION vinyls to his name.

An avid collector since childhood, he’s able to afford his records after making a huge fortune running a bus company in Sao Paulo.

Obviously too large for any home, he uses an old candle factory to store the bulk of his vinyls.

Now, Freitas has embarked upon one seriously immense project: to archive the whole thing, and make it listenable to the public as a kind of mega vinyl library. The process involves hiring a shit tonne of interns, having them carefully (and painstakingly) clean, photograph and document each one.

The BBC went and documented the process. Watch the short video below to really see how amazing and huge this all is!