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The new single from Szymon’s posthumous album is beautiful

Last year I wrote about the touching story about Szymon, an Australian artist tragically took his own life in December 2012. Szymon had actually recorded an album prior to his death – and the album is now being released posthumously, via specially-formed label Eloper.

We listened to his gorgeous debut release Katushya, from the forthcoming album Tigersapp. Now, the second track has been released – Golden is as emotive and compelling as you might expect, combining experimental electronic rhythms and loops with acoustic lines. It’s unique, captivating and thrilling – particularly when you consider the efforts that have been taken to mix and release this album in tribute to the late musician.

Originally from Newcastle, Szymon Borzetowski created Tigersapp in his bedroom throughout 2008. Partially mixed by Rusty Santos (Animal Collective) and Ian Pritchett (Angus & Julia Stone), the album is set for release later in 2015.