Stereosonic 2015 back to one day Festival

It seems the days of Stereosonic being a two day music festival are over. Well, for now at least.

The two day festival concept was Stereosonic’s way of celebrating their fifth birthday in 2013, but the party was so darn good that they thought they would do it all over again in 2014. But the party’s over and it’s back to being a single day festival for Stereosonic 2015.

Stereo have already hinted at a “killer line-up” for 2015 although it won’t be released until July. Ticket prices, of course, won’t hurt your wallet as much as they did last year with prices starting at under $130 for all cities.

Venues will be announced after Easter while ticketing details will be announced in July. What you can do in the meantime is mark in your diary what date you’ll be leaving free for Stereosonic 2015:


Sat 28 Nov – Sydney
Sun 29 Nov – Perth
Sat 05 Dec – Adelaide
Sat 05 Dec – Melbourne
Sun 06 Dec – Brisbane

From the dates above you can see Melbourne and Adelaide share the same date – don’t worry, these cities won’t miss out on any artists. The artists will be travelling between both cities on the day so they can perform in both Melbourne and Adelaide on the same day.

As for Stereosonic going back to its original one day festival format in 2015 – who knows, maybe they’ll give us two days of partying when they turn 10.