Space + Pink Floyd

Famed Facebook page and website I Fucking Love Science is one of my daily go-to’s for news and interesting stuff, and today they posted something up that’s not only interesting, but cool and music-related, meaning I can write about it here!

Pink Floyd are, and will always be one of my all time favourite bands. They’re one of the greatest bands in history, in my opinion anyway.

The video below is an official clip, (admittedly released almost a year ago but hey, better late than never,) for their instrumental track Marooned. It was unveiled as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of The Division Bell 

The first half of the video features footage of space, filmed from a window of the International Space Station. It’s beautiful and breathtaking and exactly what you want to see while listening to a song like this

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment out of your busy day and enjoy something like this. I have, and I hope you do too.