Roots Manuva teams up with Four Tet on new song

Roots Manuva and Four Tet have teamed up for a new song, Facety 2:11. The track is an official Roots Manuva song produced by Four Tet. It’s a pretty unlikely combo, but who doesn’t love that? Furthermore, who doesn’t love RM or Four Tet?

The legendary UK-based MC, aka Rodney Smith, has been largely unheard from since his 2013 EP Stolen Youth. Until now that is.

Of the track, Smith had this to say: “The saga goes from tangent to tangent here in the primal decibel of infinite tribal dub-wise mutation show me your skank face, let’s get feisty.”

It’s got a pretty classic Manuva vibe to it, which is an interesting direction for Four Tet! Somehow managing to be both highly charged and somehow lazily hazy, I’m curious to hear what’s to come throughout the next few months for good ol’ Rootsy.

You can purchase the track here, along with B-side Like A Drum (prod. Machinedrum.)