PLAYLIST: This week’s best new songs

What a smorgasbord of tunes today! Lots of lovely melodic electronica, with touches of house, R&B, soul and jazz, finished up by some straight up rock ‘n roll. Enjoy!

  • Hiatus Kaiyote, Breathing Underwater
    Hooray, new Hiatus Kaiyote! The masters of genre-mashing, their songs are always so damn complicated, and so very good. Opening in a subtle, soft manner, it’s not long before their gorgeous jazzy R&B comes in and just blows me away. The kind of track you need to listen to at least five times, and it only gets better each time.
  • Deutsch Duke, Battleground
    Probably my favourite song on the playlist this week. There’s a lot of music that combines a deep, bubbly bass with soulful falsetto, but they don’t all do it well. This one does it really fucking well though. Having collaborated with Elizabeth Rose, Flight Facilities, Cassian and more, we’ve got a lot to look forward to from Deutsch Duke.
  • Lupa J, Waiting For Her
    This is a really special one. It starts off strange and jarring – to the point where you kind of feel a little anxious until the melody comes in. Suddenly, something intimate, delicate and really, really beautiful happens. With an almost trip-hop vibe throughout, this song has me completely mesmerised.
  • Thandi Phoenix, Judgement ft. B Wise
    I love the classic R&B vibe of this track, blended so fluidly with percussive flutters and atmospheric synths. It’s no surprise that there’s so much hype around this rising star – not many people can mesh a nostalgic sound with something so fresh, and come out with a result this strong.
  • George Maple, Where You End And I Begin ft. Grande Marshall
    George Maple can do no wrong. With a title that refers to a brilliant Radiohead song and a now-signature feel to her electro-soul, this track is understated, sensual and utterly sublime. I adore the delicate vocals, particularly when they’re contrasted against that big beat and heavy bass.
  • Lisa Mitchell, Wah Ha (Seekae Remix)
    I’ll be honest – I really didn’t enjoy the original version of this track (sorry,) but Sydney’s electro-wunderkinds Seekae have twisted and turned it around, adding eerie synths and a late-night house beat that has really elevated it to a whole new level. Bleeps and bloops and a driving bass + overly soft folk = something REALLY good.
  • Midnight Pool Party, Stay
    Flickery beats, a swift yet deep bass and a comfortable house rhythm? The perfect track to kick off the weekend. The vocals definitely make this track: rich and velvety smooth, the melody flows above the many instrumental layers, bringing together a track that’s totally perfect for any dancefloor.
  • Paul Conrad, Records
    This is a really interesting track. If you like Lana Del Ray, you’ll like this. Exploring all kinds of dark themes, this track has admittedly questionable lyrics (“Dancing is to art what rape is to romance,” ) but I just love it. Equally powerful and vulnerable, there’s something really amazing about this track.
  • Du Blonde, Black Flag
    I can’t go past a riff that satisfyingly heavy, and not write about it. Produced by Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, The Black Seeds,) this is a powerful track with sublime vocals courtesy of Beth Jeans Houghton and a seriously great bassline. It’s really exciting to hear rock of this calibre coming out in 2015. Bring on the full album!
  • Bonjah, Burn
    Bonjah are back! This is a simple and straight up, with Bonjah’s signature husky vocals and catchy riffs. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but like Du Blonde, I”m really enjoying the fact that great rock is still coming out – especially when it’s from Australia.