Of Monsters And Men premieres new single and announces new album

Triple J’s Breakfast hosts Matt and Alex were joined by a special guest on their show yesterday morning.

Of Monsters And Men lead vocalist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir dropped by to premiere their new single, their first in four years.

Crystals has a ‘Florence and The Machine vibe’ to it, with Nanna’s voice overpowering the heavy use of drums. The lyrical composition is great with its rich descriptions. It’s totally worth the wait, have a listen.

She also revealed that the follow-up to their debut is complete. “We talked about the first album [being] very outward, kind of looking out and exploring and with this album we tried to look inward… a lot more personal. So Beneath The Skin is exactly that, it’s just going beneath everything,” she said.

Of Monsters and Men have a few music festivals coming up all over the world, including Japan’s Fuji Rock festival. In response to the question of planning a return tour for Australia, Nanna said, “Yes, it’s in the plans but it’s still a secret.”

Don’t you hate when they tease us like that?

Beneath The Skin is due to be released on June 9th.