NEW MUSIC: Mumford & Sons Go Electric

Loved by folk lovers around the world and banjo-enthusiasts the world over, Mumford & Sons have released a new song ahead of their forthcoming album Wilder Mind. The breaking news of it all is that it has not only ditched the banjo (WOOOOOO!!!!!) but it involves electric instruments. Also unlike much of their earlier work, you can tell the difference between this track and Little Lion Man. Double WOOO!

So, here’s the song. It’s actually quite good. Not that I ever hated M&S or anything like that, but the fact of it all was that their G-rates banjo-drenched singalongs did rapidly grow old.

The new sound is nice. While folk purists will surely be personally offended, I really like it. It’s not as ‘obvious’ and festival-ready, and it can be enjoyed by people other than bearded hipster farmers and the kind of people who take picnic baskets and merlot to camping festivals.

There’s a quite lovely ambiance to it all, with a slowly building soundscape, complete with atmospheric synths, strings and a lovely melody. As the track progresses and rhythms enter (and change up), and I actually really dig the distorted electric guitar solo that comes in after two minutes. Booming drums and big loops pave the way, while the guitar and powerful chorus soar up above.

I’m genuinely impressed, and while I never thought I’d say this, I’m actually looking forward to their new album.

The follow-up to 2012’s Babel, Mumford & Sons will be releasing Wilder Mind on May 4.