More new music from SBTRKT!

It’s full steam ahead for SBTRKT, releasing not one but THREE new songs over the weekend. We must have done something right…

Following on from the first track, the laser studded jungle jam of FLAREtWO, comes two more titled Roulette and lastly nO less.

The first of the two new releases, Roulette is a giddy, glitchy, experimental number and again, completely instrumental. Beats, bleeps and bloops skitter in and out of the track as it bounces along. Stream the peculiar track below.

The second of the two, nO less is a much smoother listen. More along the vein of his previous works, or that of peers Four Tet or Jamie xx, this track is one of the more beautiful songs to grace my eardrums in some time. You can stream this beauty below as well.

As these tracks come unannounced, there is only speculation at this point as to what this means for SBTRKT and SBTRKT fans. It should be noted that in between the release of his self titled 2011 debut SBTRKT, and his 2014 sophomore release Wonder Where We Land, the masked musician released “off-cuts” in the form of his Transitions EP. Perhaps this is a similar exercise?

Whatever the case may be, we’re just happy to keep the new releases rolling!