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Modest Mouse releases new album, launches linguistic remix generator and performs on Jimmy Fallon

Modest Mouse had a big week.

After a four year hiatus, they have released their new album Strangers To Ourselves. This is the band’s sixth album and was actually released two weeks after its announced release date due to yet another leak on March 3. Someone should call a plumber because this seems to be happening a lot.

In addition to this, they have launched a linguistic remix generator.

What the fuck is that, you may be wondering? Basically, if you click here and type a word or phrase of 96 characters or less into the box, it will create a looping remix combining music remixes from the album and some beautiful visuals. We think it’s kind of cool. Try it with headphones!

They also had the opportunity to perform on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night. They did an amazing performance of Lampshades On Fire, which is the first single from the album. Check it out here.

Strangers To Ourselves was released on March 17.  Get it now!